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Trashcon, an Indian-based company, aims to divert 25% of India’s waste from landfills by 2025.

With operations spanning two years across two countries, Trashcon has impacted over 15 cities through 25 installations. Specializing in recovering and utilizing unrecyclable plastics from mixed municipal solid waste, Trashcon addresses environmental pollution caused by improper waste disposal. Their innovative solution, TrashBot, an automated material recovery facility, segregates mixed waste into four streams efficiently.

With a capacity to handle 250 tons daily at a cost of less than 1 Euro per ton, TrashBot significantly reduces waste. Additionally, Trashcon’s WoW recycler transforms non-recyclable plastic waste into high-quality WoW boards, serving as a sustainable alternative to plywood. These boards offer superior properties, including waterproofing and termite resistance, contributing to reduced deforestation rates and extended product lifespans.