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Pillar 1: Funding for Green Projects

The conference aims to catalyze funding for green projects, recognizing the vital role financial support plays in turning environmental ideas into impactful realities. By facilitating investment in sustainable ventures, we aspire to catalyze positive change and promote eco-friendly practices across (Africa).


Addressing the challenges and opportunities surrounding packaging waste management, including strategies for reduction, reuse, and recycling

Pillar 2: Green Sustainable Innovations

The series places a strong emphasis on encouraging green sustainable innovations in waste management and environmental conservation. Innovative solutions are integral to addressing the intricate challenges posed by waste. By promoting creativity and forward-thinking, we aim to inspire transformative approaches that contribute to a cleaner & healthier environment.


Exploring innovative solutions for the management and disposal of electronic waste, with a focus on recycling, refurbishment, and responsible disposal practices

Pillar 3: Circular Economy

AWWS 2 focuses on promoting circular economy, advocating for the efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste. By embracing circular economy principles, we envision creating a sustainable and regenerative system that minimizes environmental impact and fosters long-term ecological health in the region.


Delving into strategies for the safe and sustainable management of bio-hazardous waste, emphasizing the importance of proper handling, treatment, and disposal to protect both human health and the environment.